I used to consider myself a dressmaker but now I think that weaving is really the medium that I like best.

I recently read a comment on instagram (wish I could remember from whom) that an artist or maker most importantly needs to be convinced that what he or she is creating is important. That statement shook me. In all the years I’ve been sewing I was always a bit embarrassed by the things I’ve made. I tried and tried to find a style or a product that was “my thing” but it never happened. So it is totally new to me to make something and be really, really, deeply satisfied with it. It is an amazing feeling! I am only beginning to weave and I am sure I am making lots of mistakes, but I really don’t care, I am having so much fun with it, and I love every piece I made so far.






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in the works


small quilt

Started another quilt, smaller but with batting this time. Also ordered some 20/2 linen for weaving. Very happy to have a good reason to set up my loom again.

quilted cotton throw

It’s going slow here but I did finish my first quilted throw. It’s made from three layers of light unbleached cotton. The top and bottom layer are tea-dyed in two beige shades. These neutral colors are growing on me more and more. I did the quilting by hand with a black Sashiko thread in a long running stitch. Sizing is about 55″ x 58″. I really hope to do more soon.


new paint and pattern

After having trouble with the fabric paint I used before, I found a one that seems a lot better. The test swatches took high heat and steam well. Glad I can draw and print again and started today with a new tea cup pattern.


fine tuning

I have been fine tuning the wide neck raglan top pattern. It can now go “into production” on my little Featherweight in a few versions: natural with print, natural painted, tea colored solid, and tea colored with print.

printed top

thank you

I am practicing stencil screen printing with these little fellows. The mini banner fits into a standard envelope. Let me know if you’d like one in your mail, too :-)


starting over

I just wanted to make a few changes to my blog layout but got totally lost, messed up the layout into unreadability, and had to start over. Since I didn’t know how to import the old content into my this blog, I spontaneously decided to simply delete it. I don’t want to get hung up on yesterday, so here I start again.

Currently I am working on painted and printed unbleached cotton tops, some dyed with tea. I really like the simple natural color palette.