There’s always something or other. After painting several pieces with a run-of-the-mill fabric paint I found out that it randomly can’t take heat and steam or it will puff up looking fuzzy and moldy. Ugh!


Wondering if this is because I dilute the paint with water? As I really want to be able to that, I will have to find a better paint. Maybe time to look into something more natural.

fine tuning

I have been fine tuning the wide neck raglan top pattern. It can now go “into production” on my little Featherweight in a few versions: natural with print, natural painted, tea colored solid, and tea colored with print.

printed top

thank you

I am practicing stencil screen printing with these little fellows. The mini banner fits into a standard envelope. Let me know if you’d like one in your mail, too :-)


starting over

I just wanted to make a few changes to my blog layout but got totally lost, messed up the layout into unreadability, and had to start over. Since I didn’t know how to import the old content into my this blog, I spontaneously decided to simply delete it. I don’t want to get hung up on yesterday, so here I start again.

Currently I am working on painted and printed unbleached cotton tops, some dyed with tea. I really like the simple natural color palette.